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Astral Pregnancies and Children

So, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many detailed posts that talk about astral children and I realize that this is mostly because they are all so vastly different from one another but I’m going to try to give some insight into my experiences with them and answer any possible questions. 

UPG Alert. 

                                           My Experience

I have an astral child whom I will refer to on here as Little; she is essentially full grown now and off causing trouble. My daughter is human, born to two humans (her father is a spirit on the astral that died a long, long time ago but that is another story) 

When I became pregnant I knew almost right away; my husband and I had been trying for a baby for a bit and this one time as I returned over here after being with him, my body felt different than it usually did, particularly my stomach. There was this strange sort of pressure that I felt, on the inside of my stomach and on the outside, as if a hand was pressing down on me. I ignored it at first, expecting the feeling to go away after a few minutes but it didn’t, hours passed and I was beginning to realize that something was obviously up. I tried to sleep it off but when I woke up, the feeling was even stronger. I slept a hell of a lot longer than I planned to and when I woke up, I devoured any kind of food in front of me. I was starting to get a little more suspicious but still didn’t want to jump to conclusions so I went back over there and upon inspection of my stomach, felt the tiniest bump beginning to form. 

Now, I wasn’t pregnant for very long, I would say that it was basically about a week until I gave birth. During that week, I experienced a lot of pregnancy symptoms over here such as constant hunger, kicking sensations from the baby, achy limbs and exhaustion. 

When I went into labor, I was driving when I remember feeling a sharp pain in my uterus like I was having bad cramps even though I wasn’t on my period, I didn’t actually realize that I was going into labor until I began to accidentally drift into the astral and once I saw that my water had broken over there, I rushed home as quickly as I could. The pain was nothing compared to what I imagine real contractions feel like but this was still a very unpleasant feeling. It took me all of an hour to give birth, during which I kept slipping back and forth between here and there. Astral births can be weird. 

          Similarities Between Astral Children and Real Children

As previously stated, my daughter Little is human so she doesn’t have any special powers or strange abilities and when she was young, she was like any child; she needed constant love, attention, games and nurturing. My husband and I, like any parent would I suppose, starting teaching her things at a very young age. She was exposed to two languages and now speaks them both fluently though she does tend to favor his a bit more. Astral children, just like normal children need to be exposed to things at a young age to learn them more simply.

 She was a normal human baby basically; she did age very quickly which is something that I believe a lot of astral children experience and within about five months, she was about seventeen or eighteen (keeping track of her actual age is a bit difficult) 

         Differences Between Astral Children and Real Children

They are intuitive, this was something I had heard before having my daughter but this was definitely true with her as well. She could sense when things were off in the world around her and the people around her. 

Their minds seem to age a lot quicker than their bodies do. When my daughter was around eight or nine, she basically had the maturity of someone in their late teens. Her vocabulary was quite extensive and she was already beginning to master sarcasm and she was starting to enjoy Shakespeare plays. 

Independence. They are very independent for the most part, once they reach a certain age, they are off on their own doing things. Once my daughter reached about eleven or twelve, she was off for days at a time adventuring and having fun. 

                  My Advice to Future or Current Astral Parents

1. If you or your significant other cannot always be with the children on the other side, you may want to find a guardian or caretaker for them. You could always make one as well.

2. Do your research. Just because these children are over there doesn’t mean that they can’t be a handful. Know what you’re getting into.

3. If you can or desire to, set up a room or something for your child/children to stay when they’re old enough to come over here as like a safe haven for them if they might get themselves into trouble.

4. Like any astral relationship, be prepared for the pain of not being able to constantly or physically be with them. It does hurt. 

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